The hunter of insects

One day, we brought home some moringa branches from our neighbourhood garden, my father spotted a small greenish insect with big round eyes, a turnable head and powerful front legs to hold its prey with. We kept it in a container and feed it with small spiders found in the house. He was… a praying…

An unusual encounter with cicada

On the way back home from my grandma’s house, my father spotted a cicada near the lift. He put it in a plastic bag and brought it home. We made a habitat with leaves and branches in a container. It became my new pet. After a few days, we released it in the neighbourhood garden….

Fishing trip on Father’s day

Today is Father’s day. My father and I wore the same shirt to a fishing trip. By the way, my father’s shirt is a father’ day present from me. My father cycled me to the canal besides Safra, but there was no fish so we went to a canal along the road. When we reached,…

Hidden Coin Magic

Hello everyone, today I am showing you how to hide a coin. Enjoy the video and i hope you will like it.

Langkawi – Day 3 Sky cab and 3D Museum

On the 3rd day, we went to take the sky cab and it’s so exciting. We went up so high that we can see the whole Langkawi. After that, we went to the 3D art museum and it is very beautiful. I also saw the artists painting a waterfall and it’s vey nice.

Langkawi – Day 2 Movie Day

On the second day, we drove Langkawi paradise at Kuah to watch a movie. Its called Ferdinard. The show is about a kindhearted bull which sacrifice himself for his friends. But he survived because of the audience saved him.    

Langkawi Trip 2017 – Day 1 & 2 Frangipani Resort

Hi everyone, my family and I went to Langkawi from 19 to 23 Dec. I want share with you my encounter with wild starfish at beach beside Frangipani resort. Some starfish are poisonous so handle it carefully.  

How to make a compass

Imagine you are in the wild, and you cannot find your way home, you can make yourself a compass if you have these material. a. a needle, b. a small sponge c. container bigger than the needle d. some water, and e. a magnet Watch this video! 😀

DIY fire extinguisher

3 things are needed to fuel a fire. They are oxygen, burning material and heat. You can extinguish a fire simply by removing any one of them. I am going to show you how to kill a fire by removing oxygen.

How to make pancake🌮

Yesterday, I went to my neighbour’s house to play and auntie Elaine gave me some mini pancakes and they were yummy. So I asked her how to make them and she gave me a packet of premixed pancake flour and some baking instructions. That’s what you’ll see in the video below😜  

How to start a fire in the wild

hi everyone😀 i’m doing an experiment today! Imagine you need to cook something 🍜 in the jungle but you do not have any matches or fire lighter. What should you do?All you need are some dry leaves and a magnifying glass on a very sunny day🌞. Watch it below.🙂