Fishing trip on Father’s day

Today is Father’s day. My father and I wore the same shirt to a fishing trip. By the way, my father’s shirt is a father’ day present from me. My father cycled me to the canal besides Safra, but there was no fish so we went to a canal along the road. When we reached, my father tried the first throw, and we saw many small fishes eating the bait but we didn’t catch any of them because they are just too small. I saw some big fishes at the edge of the canal. Then I tried my first throw near the big fishes and they ate the bait. I pull the string up and my father said excitedly that I caught a fish. My father removed the hook from the mouth of the fish and put it in a container.


I felt elated. We went home and I put it in my fish tank. We planned to release it tonight as the fish tank pump and lights were spoilt a long time ago. A moment later, while I was cooking, my father said to me “good news, the pump and lights are working now!”. I ran to my room and I saw it it working. My father said “Will the fish be a permanet resident?” And i replied with a big YES!

Praise God for a good eventful day!

Things to bring:

1. fishing rod

2. string

3. bait such as prawn

4. float or sponge

5. container filled with water

6. lots of drinking water






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